What Is Stacey Plan For Revenge Against The Jefferson Davis School Bus?

What is Stacey’s plan for revenge against the Jefferson Davis school bus Why?

Revenge. Stacey tells his siblings that he has a plan to get the school bus to stop splashing them.

Why does Cassie become so angry at Mr Barnett?

Cassie became angry and Mr. Barnett because he waited on her after all the white people. Mr. Barnett is the shopkeeper in Strawberry.

Why does Mr Avery come to the Logan home?

Why did Mr. Avery come by the Logans’ home at night? Mr. Avery came to warn them of the coming of the night riders.

What did Cassie do that Lillian Jean said required an apology?

punch(ing) her in the stomach and buttocks, and twist(ing) her hair”. Being careful not to touch her face, Cassie pulls Lillian Jean’s hair and makes her apologize for the demeaning way she has treated her over the past months.

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How did TJ get out of his punishment?

How did T.J. get out of his punishment? He told his mother that Claude went to the Wallaces’ store and he had to get Claude.

What was the burning that TJ was talking about?

What burning was T.J. talking about? The wall aces burned three men including Mr. Berry and his two nephews.

How did Mr Barnett die?

Mr. Barnett dies in the end from getting hit on the head by a Simms brother. Like many of the white characters in the book, Mr. Barnett is racist.

Why does Mr Simms think Cassie should apologize to Lillian Jean?

What does Big Ma make Cassie do? Big Ma makes Cassie apologize to Lillian Jean Simms for bumping into her. Big Ma does this because she does not want to cause any more trouble and continue this conversation with Mr.

How does Mr Barnett treat Cassie?

How does she react? Mr. Barnett first ignores Cassie and then yells at her. Cassie talks back to him as he throws her out of his store.

Why did TJ want Mrs Logan into trouble?

He is driven by his own need for acceptance and approval. This leads him to campaign against Mrs. Logan, not because she is ineffective as a teacher or dangerous in any way, but because she failed him twice in her class. He resents the grade and gets revenge on her to make himself feel better.

What was the real reason Mrs Logan was fired?

When someone like Mama refuses to teach false material, she gets into trouble and loses her teaching position. Mama says that the real reason she was fired was because of the boycott —and she doesn’t know what they’ll do, since they needed that money.

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What happened in chapter 9 in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

It’s now spring, and Cassie tries to get out of going to school by offering to help her father with the farm. Jeremy Simms is sad that he won’t see the Logan kids for a while, since their school lets out in March, while the white kids’ school goes until mid-May. He also lets slip that his brothers, R.W.

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