Readers ask: When Your Dog Eats Your Homework And The School Bus Wont Work?

What if your dog eats your homework?

If the amount of paper eaten by your dog is pretty large, then you should bring him to a veterinarian.

Who invented the excuse my dog ate my homework?

Forrest Wickman, a writer for Slate, describes the legend of the 6th-century Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise as the alleged first recorded “the dog ate my homework” story. According to the tale, Saint Ciarán had a tame young fox that would take his writings to his master for him.

What is the best excuse for not doing your homework?

What to Say When You Didn’t Do Your Homework

  • The Dog Ate It.
  • I Don’t Remember Getting any Homework.
  • I Thought it Was in My Bag.
  • I Didn’t Understand the Homework.
  • My Computer Crashed.
  • Too Much Homework from Another Class.
  • I was Absent When the Homework was Assigned.
  • Busy with Extra-curricular Activities and Volunteering.

How do I get my dog to eat his homework?

To apply you’ll need to ask your parent/guardian to complete the application form (click ‘Download the application form’) and to email it to them. They will need to attach a recent photograph of you. If they would like to speak with you more about The Dog Ate My Homework they will then contact your parent/guardian.

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Can a dog really eat your homework?

As it turns out, dogs really do eat paper from time to time. If you explain this to your teacher — and show her what scraps remain, if any — you just might get an extension to re-do that assignment. If you simply forget to do your homework, don’t lie and blame it on your dog!

Will dogs eat you when you die?

There’s no way to guarantee that your pet won’t eat you if you die, apart from not having any pets. Even hamsters and birds have been known to scavenge on occasion. The best way for pet owners to reduce the odds, Rando says, is to make sure you have people who will stop by if they don’t hear from you.

Will my dog eat my cat?

Dogs certainly do kill cats, though it is very rare that they will eat a cat. It has been proved time and again that dogs and cats can be friends. That usually happens when puppies and kittens are brought up together in the same household.

Will my dog eat my bearded dragon?

Based on that, you have no guarantees that your dog won’t eat your bearded dragon. sDogs have natural instincts to hunt prey. Because of this, the way a bearded dragon behaves around your dog could result in an attack, and possibly even result in your dog eating the reptile.

What can you do if a dog eats chocolate?

If you believe your dog ate chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately or call the Pet Poison Helpline (855-213-6680) for advice.

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Can homework kill you?

“The disadvantages of homework are clear to everyone: exhaustion, frustration, loss of time to pursue other interests and often diminution of interest in learning,” he said. … “Homework is like medicine. If you take too little, it does nothing. If you take too much, it can kill you,” Cooper said.

How do you punish a student who doesn’t do homework?

Creative Punishments for Youth Forgetting Homework

  1. Natural Consequences. Instead of yelling at your child when he’s, once again, forgotten his homework, let him experience the natural consequences of not turning it in on time.
  2. Home Homework. Why Do Toddlers Laugh When Disciplined?
  3. Reward System.
  4. Make Her Pay.

What excuses can you use for missing school?

The most common valid excuses are: Illness or quarantine, medical or dental appointment, funeral attendance, Religious holiday or ceremony, or court appeal.

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