Readers ask: What Does The Driver Of The School Bus Like To Do To The Black Children Who Must Walk To School?

What does the bus symbolize in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

The African American children walk to school, while the white children ride a bus, symbolizing the social and economic gap between the races.

What does Mr Morrison do?

Mr. Morrison is a large man that David Logan hires to help out on his farm while he is away working on the railroad. As David tells it, Mr. Morrison has lost his job on the railroad.

Does TJ die in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

Stacey does everything in his power to help his friend, but in the end, T.J. is sentenced to death. A man makes a file to join blacks and whites together so the cotton fields can be shared.

Why do the children finally break their ties with TJ?

16. Why do the children finally break their ties with T. J.? He helps get Mama fired. He lights their cotton on fire.

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Why do the Logan children arrive to school dirty?

They must walk for an hour along a dusty road. Also, the driver of the school bus carrying the white children deliberately drives fast and close to the children in order to raise a cloud of dust and get them dirty.

Why does Mr Morrison want to stay?

Why does Papa bring Mr. Morrison to stay with the family? To protect his family while he was away working on the railroad.

What kind of person is Mr Morrison?

Expert Answers Morrison is a very muscular, strong, “giant” of a man with whom Papa has worked on the railroad. Since he has lost his job, Papa has asked him to accompany him home because he needs another man to protect his family in what appears to be brewing racial troubles. Interestingly, the character of Mr.

Did TJ kill Mr Barnett?

In the end, R.W. accidentally kills Mr. Barnett and lets T.J. Barnett died from his injuries, and that T.J. has broken ribs and a broken jaw.

How did Mr Barnett die?

Mr. Barnett dies in the end from getting hit on the head by a Simms brother. Like many of the white characters in the book, Mr. Barnett is racist.

Who killed Mr Barnett?

R.W. & Melvin Simms They are around 18 and 19 years old and they befriend T.J. Avery so he will steal things for them. In the end, R.W. accidentally kills Mr. Barnett and lets T.J.

Why does Cassie become so angry at Mr Barnett?

Cassie became angry and Mr. Barnett because he waited on her after all the white people. Mr. Barnett is the shopkeeper in Strawberry.

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What did Cassie do that Lillian Jean said required an apology?

punch(ing) her in the stomach and buttocks, and twist(ing) her hair”. Being careful not to touch her face, Cassie pulls Lillian Jean’s hair and makes her apologize for the demeaning way she has treated her over the past months.

Why was Stacey in a bad mood?

Why was Stacey in a bad mood? He had to be in his mother’s class that year. He told his mother that Claude went to the Wallaces’ store and that he had to get Claude.

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