Readers ask: How Many Tennis Balls Fit In A School Bus?

How many regular tennis balls can you fit into a school bus?

The Solution So, when we divide 1.6 cubic inches by 2.5 cubic inches we get 660,000 balls. Since a school bus is not empty and has some space occupied by the engine and seats, it is best that we round off this figure to 500,000.

How many tennis balls actually fit in a limo?

About 125,000 tennis balls should fit into a limo.

How many basketballs fit in a school bus?

2,696,335 testicles into a standard school bus. ‘ There are approximately 30cm in a foot. Therefore you could fit one inflated basketball in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 1000 inflated basketballs inside a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed.

How many golf balls fit in a 747?

Battison: So I’m going to do this number minus this number to get our grand total for an airline 747. Gives us 660,315 golf balls. Josaphat: Oh, I know what the problem is. I did 12 cubic feet, not 12 cubic inches.

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How many golf balls are on the moon?

There are two golf balls on the Moon. It is TRUE. Astronaut Alan Shepard is the fifth man to walk on the Moon and the first (and only) to have played golf there. He hit two balls during the Apollo 14 mission.

How many balls can you fit in a Mini?

Now for the number of tennis balls which can fit in Mini Cooper. We need to divide by 4. Round up to 140,000, as it’s easier to divide by 4, so 140,000/4 is 35,000.

How many tennis balls can you fit inside a BMW?

The tennis ball fits in a regular car 28,0000/4 = 70,000. So, the total number of a tennis ball is 70,000, which easily fit in your car. How many tennis balls fit in a BMW? Some of our honorable visitors ask this question.

Why is a tennis ball fuzzy interview questions?

The fuzz is what allows the tennis racket strings to “grip” the ball. That’s how players can spin the ball, gaining optimum control over speed, flight path, and how the ball reacts on the bounce. When you are not sports coordinated (like me) having a fuzzy soft tennis ball creates a safe feeling when used.

How many table tennis balls fit in a room?

So a typical room can hold on the order of a million Ping-Pong balls.

How many tennis balls of 5 cm diameter will fit into a cubic box of 1m each side?

A tennis ball measures between 6.54 and 6.86 cm in diameter, for an average total volume of 0.0001575 cubic meters. The weight is between 57.7 and 58.5 grams (average 58.1 grams). 1/0.0001575 = 6349 tennis balls per cubic meters.

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How many balls fit in a box?

After finding right packing, you can calculate exact value. Well, assuming each ball occupies ~1 cm 3 of space, you have fit in 1,000,000 balls just by having them in a square lattice.

How many basketballs can fit in this room?

If we can deflate the basketballs and flatten them down to one inch thick, this would allow us to place 12 flattened basketballs in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 12,000 basketballs in a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed.

How many golf balls do pros carry?

Most PGA Tour golfers carry in the area of nine golf balls in their bag per round.

How many jellybeans can fit inside a Boeing 747 and why?

Two jelly beans would definitely fit in a 747.

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