Quick Answer: What To Do With Kindergarden Grand Maul Secures On School Bus?

What should I do if my child has a grand mal seizure?


  1. Move anything that could hurt the child.
  2. Put something soft and flat under the child’s head (pillow, folded jacket or sweater)
  3. Turn the child gently to one side to prevent choking.
  4. Loosen anything around the child’s neck.

What to do if someone is having a seizure on a bus?

Do not forcibly restrain the person having the seizure. Remain calm and remove objects in the immediate area that might injure the person, like strollers and packages. Try to guide the person to a safe position. Once the seizure is over and the person is fully awake, help them into a resting position.

What to do if a child has a seizure at school?

They should:

  1. Maintain a calm tone to keep other students from panicking.
  2. Reassure and comfort the student if they experience confusion or fear following the seizure.
  3. Allow the student to remain seated in the classroom until awareness returns.
  4. Allow the student quiet rest time following the seizure.
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Should I send my child to school after a seizure?

Most children with epilepsy attend school and can participate in all activities. Some may need to take medicine at school, require help with certain subjects, or be given extra time on tests. Educating them is one of the most important things you can do to help your child at school.

Should I take my child to the hospital after a seizure?

Get Emergency Medical Care or Call 911 if Your Child: has a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes or is having repeated seizures. has trouble breathing. has a bluish color on the lips, tongue, or face. remains unconscious for more than a few minutes after a seizure.

How long does it take to recover from a grand mal seizure?

The length of time it takes to recover after a tonic-clonic seizure is different from one person to the next. Some people feel better after an hour or 2, but for some people it can take several days to feel ‘back to normal’.

Is it OK to have a seizure in a bus aisle?

Under the ADA, a qualified person with a disability has the right to request a reasonable accommodation with the regular bus services. This may consist of the bus providing a seat belt for someone with frequent seizures so they do not injure themselves during a seizure.

Should you let a person sleep after a seizure?

After the seizure: they may feel tired and want to sleep. It might be helpful to remind them where they are. stay with them until they recover and can safely return to what they had been doing before.

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What is the best thing to do after having a seizure?

Hold the person down or try to stop their movements. Put something in the person’s mouth (this can cause tooth or jaw injuries) Administer CPR or other mouth-to-mouth breathing during the seizure. Give the person food or water until they are alert again.

What foods can trigger a seizure?

Stimulants such as tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar, sweets, soft drinks, excess salt, spices and animal proteins may trigger seizures by suddenly changing the body’s metabolism. Some parents have reported that allergic reactions to certain foods (e.g. white flour) also seem to trigger seizures in their children.

Does lack of sleep trigger a seizure?

Can sleep deprivation trigger a seizure? Yes, it can. Seizures are very sensitive to sleep patterns. Some people have their first and only seizures after an “all-nighter” at college or after not sleeping well for long periods.

Do you have to go to the hospital if you have a seizure?

Call 911 or seek emergency medical help for seizures if: A seizure lasts more than five minutes. Someone experiences a seizure for the first time. Person remains unconsciousness after a seizure ends.

What’s the difference between a seizure and a grand mal seizure?

A grand mal seizure causes a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. It’s the type of seizure most people picture when they think about seizures. A grand mal seizure — also known as a generalized tonic-clonic seizure — is caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain.

What are the 3 types of seizures?

These words are used to describe generalized seizures:

  • Tonic: Muscles in the body become stiff.
  • Atonic: Muscles in the body relax.
  • Myoclonic: Short jerking in parts of the body.
  • Clonic: Periods of shaking or jerking parts on the body.
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What is included in a seizure action plan?

A Seizure Action Plan [PDF – 41 KB] contains the essential information school staff may need to know in order to help a student who has seizures. It includes information on first aid, parent and health care provider contacts, and medications specifically for that child.

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