Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between A Pa School Bus Physical And A Medical Examiners Certificate?

Do I need a DOT medical card in PA?

Nearly every commercial driver, with limited exception, is required to submit their valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate (DOT Physical Card) to PennDOT. In addition, Pennsylvania regulations have adopted the Federal physical and mental standards for commercial drivers operating in intrastate commerce.

Can a PA do a DOT physical?

The new rule states that, in order to issue a DOT medical certificate, a medical professional must be either a doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathy, doctor of chiropractic, physician assistant, advanced practice nurse, or any other medical professional authorized by the particular state’s law to perform physical

What is a DOT medical physical?

A DOT Physical evaluates a driver’s vision, blood pressure, and a complete review of their medical history. This test will help determine if you might have a medical condition or any irregularities that require immediate attention. Blood Pressure/ Pulse Rate. You will also have a blood pressure and pulse test taken.

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What does a DOT physical exam include?

Physical Examination Ears (scarring of tympanic membrane, perforated ear drums, etc.) Mouth and throat (to look for problems breathing or swallowing) Heart (murmurs, extra sounds, pacemaker, etc.) Lungs and chest, not including breast examination (abnormal breathing, impaired respiratory functions, cyanosis, etc.)

How much is a DOT physical in PA?

$85 CDL / DOT Physical Exam Medical Card Location | Harrisburg, PA.

What will make you fail a DOT physical?

There are many reasons a driver may fail the DOT exam, some things are within your control and others are not. Why did I fail?

  • High blood pressure.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Alcoholism or drug use.
  • Missing extremities.
  • Cardiovascular or respiratory disease.
  • Diabetes.
  • Poor eyesight or hearing.
  • A nervous or psychiatric disease.

Do they check your balls at DOT physical?

Do they check your balls during a DOT physical? The doctor checks the testicles and the area around them to make sure everything is healthy and that a guy doesn’t have any problems, like a hernia.

What does a non-DOT physical exam consist of?

Non-DOT Physical Exams Include: Height, weight, & vital signs. Urine specimen – Glucose test for diabetes. Vision test. Range of motion.

How much does a DOT physical cost without insurance?

You do not need medical insurance to get a DOT Physical. How much does a DOT physical exam cost without insurance? Currently we’ve seen DOT physicals charged anywhere between $50 and $300.

What does my blood pressure need to be to pass a DOT physical?

on the interstate, drivers must pass a DOT physical with blood pressure at or below 140/90. While medication is an acceptable method of keeping blood pressure under control, if your DOT physical is coming up soon and you’re in a pinch, there are steps you can take to lower your blood pressure now.

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What is the highest blood pressure for DOT physical?

What are the DOT physical blood pressure requirements?

  • A DOT driver with a blood pressure under 140/90 may be medically certified for 2 years.
  • If the commercial driver has a top number of 140-159 and a bottom number of 90-99 may be DOT medically certified for 1 year.

What is the difference between a DOT physical and a non DOT physical?

Non-DOT physical examinations Their physical assessments cover areas such as cardiovascular fitness, posture, range of motion, strength, functional movements, manual material handling, joint stability and flexibility. They don’t include areas such as hearing, vision or urinalysis, which are included in a DOT physical.

Do they draw blood for a DOT physical?

You may also have your blood drawn and undergo other in-office tests, such as an electrocardiogram. Each test you take is done to determine if you’re healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle safely.

How long is a dot card good for?

About the Exam A DOT physical exam is valid for up to 24 months. The medical examiner may also issue a medical examiner’s certificate for less than 24 months when it is desirable to monitor a condition, such as high blood pressure.

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