Question: How To Check Oil On A School Bus Pre-trip?

What should the oil pressure be on a school bus?

a. Oil Pressure Should rise up to operating range within a few seconds and warning lite should go out. Idle should be 5-20 PSI, Operating range should be 35-75 PSI. If it does not go above 5 PSI, shut engine off.

What is the master switch on a school bus?

There are two switches to activate the warning lamps: one switch is the “Master” switch and the other is labeled “Manual.” The master switch controls the red lights. When this switch is on, the red lights will come on anytime the door is open (unless the key is in the off position).

How do you test air brakes on a school bus?

Start the bus and let the air pressure build to at least 90 psi. Step on the brake pedal and put the bus into gear. Slowly take your foot off the brake and gently press the accelerator. The bus should not move.

What is the 7 step air brake test?

The Seven-Step Air Brake check is designed to test the governor cut-in and cut-out pressures, air pressure leakage, warning buzzer, brake valves and air pressure rebuild rates. Brakes off means the yellow and/or red valve is pushed in (on = valve out).

How do you perform an air brake test?

Put the truck into low gear, check to see that the area ahead is clear and slowly get the truck moving forward. S-L-O-W-L-Y. After you get the truck moving, push in the clutch and apply the foot brake. The truck should stop without pulling to either side.

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