Often asked: What Will Happens If A Pedestrian Uses A Radio To Commu,Icste School Bus Drivers?

Can school bus drivers listen to music?

It is not only inappropriate for a bus operator to play music while operating a public transit vehicle but it is also unsafe as the music he is listening to adds to all the other distractions that a bus operator already has while trying to operate an oversized often overcrowded vehicle in an often overcrowded city.

What type of radios do school buses use?

Two-way radios are approved for use while driving by the U.S. Department of Transportation – unlike cell phones. School bus drivers can safety use radios to keep in contact with each other, dispatchers and administrators while they’re in motion.

Why do school buses have radios?

Radios utilizing MOTOTRBO give bus drivers the ability to send text messages as well as communicate over two voice channels using delay-tolerate networking (DTN) technology.

When should the 2 way radio on a school bus be used?

Two-way radios are used from the start of the day when traffic requires directing to the end of the day when the school traffic returns, and it’s not just traffic.

Why do busses not play music?

Playing music in public is a public performance. On the bus is in public. So the bus operators would have to pay a licence fee to the societies representing the composers and performers of the work, just like restaurants, bars, hairdressers and every other other business that plays music in public.

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Do school buses have radios?

In California, state law requires that there be a two-way radio in every school bus.

Why do schools use walkie talkies?

Walkie-talkies allow users to quickly alert everyone on a channel at once, and have a longer battery life than a cell phone. “Sadly we need our schools to be prepared for any type of emergency. In 2018, there were 87 school shootings, and since 1970 school shootings have claimed 716 lives.

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