Often asked: How Much Do Canadian School Bus Drivers Make?

How much are school bus drivers paid in Ontario?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $41,599 and as low as $14,995, the majority of School Bus Driver salaries currently range between $28,538 (25th percentile) to $36,761 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $41,114 annually in Ontario.

How many hours does a school bus driver work in Ontario?

Part-time hours: 15 – 30 per week.

Where do bus drivers make the most money?

The states and districts that pay Bus Drivers the highest mean salary are New York ($62,060), Washington ($57,880), Alaska ($55,550), Massachusetts ($54,720), and California ($51,700).

How do I train to be a bus driver?

To become a bus or coach driver, you will need to complete training for a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) licence and the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Driver). To start training with a company, you must hold a full EU driving licence and be aged at least 18.

What are the highest paying jobs in Canada?

Highest paying jobs in Canada

  • Physician/Doctor – 150,000 CAD/year.
  • Lawyer – 135,000 CAD/year.
  • Miner/Oil and Gas Driller – 77,250 CAD/year.
  • Dentist – 75,000 CAD/year.
  • Registered Nurses – 74,000 CAD/year.
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Do school bus drivers make on snow days?

(3/1/2018) – When schools take a snow day, bus drivers get the day off like everyone else — but they don’t get paid.

How much do transit drivers make in Ontario?

Salary: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) drivers, formally called operators, start off making $24.06 an hour. After 12 months, the pay rises to $26.53 an hour, and to $31.40 after 24 months. The operators have a 40-hour work week, according to the TTC.

How much do bus drivers make in Toronto?

The average salary for a bus driver is $20.15 per hour in Toronto, ON.

Who drives the bus?

A person who drives bus is called DRIVER.

How do I become a bus driver in Ontario?


  1. be at least 18 years old.
  2. hold a valid Ontario licence other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2.
  3. pass an vision test.
  4. submit a valid medical report.
  5. pass a knowledge test about operating school buses and trucks (Class C only)
  6. pass a road test using a vehicle that meets the requirements for a Class C or F.

What do Coach drivers earn?

The average Coach driver salary in London is £31,458. This is 7.9% more than the average national salary for Coach driver jobs. The average advertised salary for a Coach driver in London is 30% below the average salary for all jobs in London which is £44,689.

How many bus drivers are there in Canada?

Here are some key facts about Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators in the Ontario region: Approximately 32,650 people work in this occupation. Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators mainly work in the following sectors: Transit and ground passenger transportation (NAICS 485): 82%

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