How To Pracrice An Emergency Evacuation Of A School Bus?

How do you evacuate a school bus?

Park the bus as close to the shoulder of the road or safe zone as quick as possible • Turn hazard lights on. Set the parking brake. Turn the engine off. bus is on the side, use the roof hatches as well as the emergency doors on the up side to evacuate students.

How do you evacuate a bus?

Evacuation Procedure

  1. Park the bus as close to the shoulder of the road as possible.
  2. Stand facing the rear of the bus.
  3. Give the command: “Remain seated; prepare to evacuate.”
  4. Turn toward the front of the bus.
  5. Move backwards to the first occupied seat.
  6. Starting with either the left or the right seat:

What are the reasons to have an emergency evacuation of the school bus?

The driver must evacuate the bus when: • The bus is on fire or there is a threat of a fire. The bus is stalled on or adjacent to a railroad-highway crossing. The position of the bus may change and increase the danger. There is an imminent danger of collision.

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How do you perform an emergency evacuation?

Evacuation Procedures

  1. Activate the fire alarm.
  2. Call 911 immediately and provide information.
  3. Assist injured personnel or notify emergency responders of the medical emergency.
  4. Exit the building following emergency maps.
  5. Assist physically impaired individuals to a secure area and notify emergency responders.

Why are school buses safer than cars?

Large school buses are heavier and distribute crash forces differently than passenger cars and light trucks do. Because of these differences, bus passengers experience much less crash force than those in passenger cars, light trucks and vans.

How many feet from the school bus should the safe assembly point for riders be located?

Suggested answers: 100 feet (40 paces) or more away from the bus (300 feet or about one football field is best) Away from traffic. Space for all riders.

When waiting for a bus to arrive How many feet should you stand from the road?

Wait at the bus stop in a safe place, 12 feet away from the road. Stay on your side of the road until the bus comes. Wait in an orderly group. Form an orderly line as the bus approaches, with the first student in line standing 12 feet away from traffic.

How far should students be directed away from an evacuated bus that is in danger of fire or explosion?

Lead students upwind of the bus at least 300 feet (approximately 120 paces) if there is a risk from spilled hazardous material.

What are 3 stages of evacuation?

In care premises, evacuations fall into three categories: Single-stage: If all residents are deemed independent of help, all residents can evacuate immediately with minimal assistance. Progressive horizontal: Occasions when most residents are dependent on staff assistance for a successful evacuation.

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What is a standard procedure for emergency evacuation?

On hearing an evacuation alarm, or on instruction of emergency control personnel, immediately cease all activity and secure personal valuables. Assist any person in immediate danger, but only if safe to do so.

What is the correct order of evacuation?


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