How Many Basketballs Can Fit In A School Bus?

How many regular tennis balls can fit in school bus?

74*495,000) = 366,000 Balls. Suppose a standard school bus is about 8 feet wide by 6 feet high by 20 feet long – An assumption. It means 8 x 6 x 20 = 960 cubic feet volume capacity. Since, there are 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 cubic inches in a cubit foot, that means about 960×1728 = 1.6 million cubic inches.

How many basketballs can fit in this room?

If we can deflate the basketballs and flatten them down to one inch thick, this would allow us to place 12 flattened basketballs in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 12,000 basketballs in a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed.

How many balls fit in a plane?

Finally, after dividing the volume of the aeroplane by that to the tennis ball we arrive at 688,705. Therefore, we can fit approximately 688,705 tennis balls in a Boeing 747.

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How many balls does it take to fill a 16×16 foot room?

Total Number of Balls = ~ 300,000 How many balls does it take to fill a 16×16 ft room?

How many tennis balls can fit in a limousine?

To get the total number of tennis balls that will fit into a limo, we need to divide the volume of the limo (500,000 cubic inches) by the volume of a tennis ball (4 cubic inches); 500,000/4 = 125,000. Now, we can say that 125,000 tennis ball will fit in a limousine.

How many golf balls are on the moon?

There are two golf balls on the Moon. It is TRUE. Astronaut Alan Shepard is the fifth man to walk on the Moon and the first (and only) to have played golf there. He hit two balls during the Apollo 14 mission.

How many tennis balls of 5 cm diameter will fit into a cubic box of 1m each side?

A tennis ball measures between 6.54 and 6.86 cm in diameter, for an average total volume of 0.0001575 cubic meters. The weight is between 57.7 and 58.5 grams (average 58.1 grams). 1/0.0001575 = 6349 tennis balls per cubic meters.

How many balls can fill a room?

Suggested answer: The average mens’ basketball has a diameter of 25cm. There are approximately 30cm in a foot. Therefore you could fit one inflated basketball in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 1000 inflated basketballs inside a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed.

How many basketballs fit in a 747?

So a 747 could hold something like 45,000 basketballs. In contrast to a prior answer, at 1 cu ft each, 3000 basketballs could fit in an area about 15x15x15. That’s closer to the cockpit size of a 747.

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How many table tennis balls fit in a room?

So a typical room can hold on the order of a million Ping-Pong balls.

How many golf balls can you put in a 5 gallon bucket?

The math suggests, a spherically sized bucket can contain around 340 balls, although, usually golfers use a 5-gallon bucket to carry an average of fifty to eighty balls in or out of the golf pitch.

How many tennis balls fit in a cubic meter?

How many tennis balls fit in a cubic meter? A tennis ball, according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF), has the official diameter of 6.54 – 6.86 cm. Hence, it’s volume is 8 cubic inches, or 0.000131097 cubic meters. Thus, the aircraft can hold as many as 7,894,917 tennis balls approximately.”

How many balls are needed to fill a ball pit?

Always supervise children during ball pit use. Each case of 500 balls fills approximately 6.1 cubic feet. To determine how many cubic feet you want to fill with balls, measure the inside length, width and depth of your ball pit. Then multiply these numbers for cubic volume.

How many balls should be in a ball pit?

At the end of the day, you can fill your kiddie pool with as many ball pit balls as you would like, but we recommend roughly 240-480 ball pit balls for a great time. Just be sure to thoroughly clean your kiddie pool prior to transforming it into a ball pit to keep it in great condition.

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