FAQ: What Is The Length Of The Wheelchair Lift On A School Bus?

How wide is a wheelchair lift on a bus?

Handicap lift must measure 30” x 40” and be a wide, clear platform. Wheelchair attachments must be able to withstand 2,500 of pressure per leg.

How much can a bus wheelchair lift hold?

Century 2 Wheelchair Lift Features: NHTSA Compliant. 800 or 1,000 pounds lifting capacity. Floor to ground lift heights up to 54″

Do school buses have wheelchair lifts?

By law, school buses must be outfitted with wheelchair lifts and have designated seats or areas in which to secure students while in transit.

How much does a school bus wheelchair lift weigh?

On the wheelchair lifts that we have, they are rated to lift 350 pounds. Some of those all electric ones are very heavy and some of our drivers are also. here is ricon website they do show how much wieght the lift takes and you can download their brochure. I use braun lifts, and they are rated around 750-800 pounds.

How much lifting weight can a wheelchair lift lift?

Most dual-arm lifts have a lift capacity of up to 800 pounds. Dual-arm wheelchair lifts can handle heavier loads because they have two arms to support and distribute the weight. These wheelchair lifts will take up more interior room, block the side entrance and limit the mobility of the front passenger seat.

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Which way should a wheelchair face on a bus?

Always face the student away from the school bus. The student should NOT drive onto the lift unless cleared to do so by the entire IEP team. Disengage the motor and push the chair onto the platform manually. Consult with a parent/caregiver or a therapist about how to secure the chair on the lift.

Can a passenger refuse securement of their mobility device?

The shuttle operator cannot refuse a passenger a ride if there is a legitimate reason the device cannot be secured (e.g., vehicle securement equipment is inoperable or not compatible with a passenger’s mobility device).

What are some of the safety tips you should implement during a wheelchair transfer?

Safety tips for wheelchair transfers:

  • Apply the wheelchair brakes prior to the care recipient transferring into and out of the wheelchair.
  • Ensure that the leg rests are removed or swung to the side before transferring.
  • Keep all pathways travelled by the individual in a wheelchair clear and accessible,.

What is a lift bus?

Wheelchair Accessibility On standard-floor buses, a lift is employed to provide access. Passengers who are unable to negotiate the steps of a bus can request to have the bus lowered or use the lift to board. Upon request, drivers can provide assistance, but are not allowed to physically lift passengers or wheelchairs.

How much does a Braun wheelchair lift weight?

800-pound lifting capacity.

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